Recent Before & After Photos

Wet Batts in Belpry

Well, this is actually blown-in insulation as opposed to "batts" of insulation, but the effect from the burst water pipe is the same.Sometimes a pipe in an atti... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe in the Attic...Not Good!

This damage is from a frozen pipe which burst in the attic and was not discovered right away.Water weight brought down pieces of the drywall and insulation righ... READ MORE

Curses...the Japanese Bathroom Pipes Froze.

The bathroom in this "man cave" is elevated to accommodate the plumbing.  The red wall is the bathroom wall.Cold air got into the plumbing space during a f... READ MORE

The Utility Room was Freezing.

Another freeze victim.  The water pipe in the utility room was the culprit.  Water soaked this room pretty well and went into other areas, as well.In ... READ MORE

Wet Carpet, Trim & Walls - Sometimes It Has to Go!

Take It Out - Sometimes the customer just wants the carpet pad out for one reason or another.  Other times it just can't be saved.Wet Walls - Sometimes it ... READ MORE

Soggy Carpet from a Water Leak

Often carpet can be extracted and dried in place.  This is better for the carpet with less handling and manipulation.  It also reduces the handling an... READ MORE