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Mold Testing-Protocol-Remediation

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on storage room wall beside a storage rack. Mold in Storage!

Mold Terms

Testing - Testing/assessing is done by taking air samples  and surface samples and sending them off for analysis at at a lab.  In Texas mold assessment/testing and mold remediation are split into two separately licensed business professions.  One cannot test for mold and also remediate mold.  Of course the testing has to be done first.

Protocol - The protocol is a written plan from the mold testing results of what has to be done to remove mold affected materials and get the building to "acceptable levels" of mold.  Acceptable levels are not zero mold.  Wherever you are right now, you are breathing some mold.  It is just there.  Elevated levels are the problem.

Mold assessors write the protocol so one should make sure it is included in the testing fees and not presented as an add-on charge later.

Remediation - Ding, ding, ding!  That's where SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company comes in.  We are licensed mold remediation contractors with a 21 year history of successful mold remediation and many happy customers in the greater Waco and whole Central Texas area.

We would certainly be glad to help you through each step in dealing with mold in your home, business or institution.

SERVPRO of Waco is a long time leader in property restoration.

Call us at (254) 756-4300

SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one!

Ruined Laminate Flooring

3/21/2022 (Permalink)

They don't mix.

Water and laminate flooring don't mix.

For all the great qualities and looks of laminate flooring, it's one nemesis is excess water. 

It just doesn't take it well.

Water laying on a laminate floor can cause blistering and separation of the materials in some types of laminate.  Also the floor can rise or heave up in places with some types of materials.

Having padding underneath the flooring, often referred to as a "floating" floor (the irony) creates a sponge affect holding water/moisture.  Many times water will still squeeze out from under the floor in some areas where one steps after initial water extraction of the floor.

Removal of the floor as part of the water damage restoration is usually the only answer.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, has been providing professional quality water damage restoration to folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area since 2001...over 21 years.

We'd be proud to help you, too.

SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one!

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Board Up Services

3/12/2022 (Permalink)

Building doors boarded Some new wood, fresh paint and changed technique for long term boarded up doors of historic Waco building.

Well, the boogers started bring some tools to get in!

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, provides building board up services for emergency and on-going situations.

This historic Waco building has been boarded up while it's path to a new purpose is being determines.

Seems the youth of the area have quite an interest in getting inside.  It may be the attraction of getting onto the roof a few stories up in the air.

Anyway, someone has been showing up with some basic tools and doing a bit of dismantling.

SERVPRO of Waco changed the boarding up from being screwed in place from the front to having 2X4s and carriage bolts on the front.

Anything removed by tools is now inside the building.  Oh, a slight correction, there are still many wood screws on the front too, as further discouragement. 

Highly successful so far.

We've helped thousand of folks through property damage situations for the past 21 years.

If you need security and/or weather protection boarding up, let us help you too.

SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one!

(254) 756-4300

Mold Remediation Containment

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

Two nearly two story plastic walls sectioning off a corner area of a large room. We be out here...mold damage work area be in there!

Our handiwork to keep mold spores from spreading out of the affected area.

As mold spores travel and spread by air movement, it is often necessary to build a containment around the work area and trap the disturbed (as in removed) mold spores.

The containment shown in a large, local Waco organization was erected for work in the very back work room area.  

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, successfully removed the mold and mold contaminated materials. Access to outside ventilation was a challenge in this situation.

The job passed clearance testing on the first test and repairs were able to begin immediately.

SERVPRO of Waco has offered highly trained mold remediation services for over 20 years.  Pretty much at the modern beginning of these services.

SERVPRO Industries, of which we are a franchise, was instrumental in helping the industry define the standards for mold remediation.

We have helped hundreds of greater Waco and Central Texas area businesses successfully through mold and various building damage problems.

Let us help you too.

SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one!

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We're local.

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

Know who you're dealing with!

SERVPRO of Waco is LOCAL to the greater Waco and Central Texas area.

We are located at

                 7719 Central Park Dr.


For the past 21 years, SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company has successfully served thousands of homes, businesses and institutions through a variety of emergency damage situations.  

Beware of companies who don't show their addresses, have 800 type phone numbers (in this day and age?) are from "greater" this place or that or don't really list an address at all.

You need people you can trust...or at least know you can find again.

21 years of excellent service here!

Let us help you.

SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one!

(254) 756-4300

Restroom Sink Pipe Overnight

3/6/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded warehouse floor with inventory involved Preliminary start of removing water discovered from over night water pipe leak.

Imagine opening your warehouse to THIS in the morning!

All of our buildings have water lines.  Usually in the small out of the way areas. 

But when the lines give away it quickly spreads away from those "small out of the way" areas and becomes a problem for operating the business for the day(s).

In this instance SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, was able to extract the water from backroom warehouse with the business losing  little operating time.

The affected areas were dried quickly.

Now in our 21st year, SERVPRO of Waco successfully has assisted scores of greater Waco and Central Texas businesses though water damage restoration, and many other damage issues.

We'd be pleased to help you too, should the need arise.

SERVPRO of Waco...there' only one!

(254) 756-4300

SERVPRO of Waco - The Baileys

2/27/2022 (Permalink)


Roger & Teresa Bailey

Our 21 years as a leading restoration company in Waco and the Central Texas area has garnered us a lot of soundalike & lookalike competitors.

Beware of the impersonators.  SERVPRO of Waco has been operated under the same business name and by the same owners since opening in 2001.

We have successfully assisted literally thousands of commercial, institutional and residential customers through water damage restoration, fire damage restoration and mold damage remediation situations.

You won't find better integrity, quality or timeliness to assist you when you need it most.

The Baileys are long time Waco residents and operate from Waco.  As a franchise, SERVPRO of Waco also has access to nearly unlimited resources to help in virtually any situation.

We'd be pleased to help you too.

SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one!

(254) 756-4300

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

1/27/2022 (Permalink)

New drywall and windows ready for painting Out with the old and in with the new. Replaced fire damaged walls and ceiling ready for fresh paint.

New windows, drywall & electrical wiring inside this Gatesville area home bedroom after a fire blaze in the room.

SERVPRO of Waco, a fire damage restoration company, cleaned up/out the damage and debris of the room and other affected areas.

The room is ready for paint and new flooring.  The customers are very happy it looks like a room again.  A new room at that.

From burnt to new is quite a journey.  You need someone you can count on to help.

Now in our 21st year, SERVPRO of Waco has been helping folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area through hundreds of property and life/business interruptions over the years.

We'd be very happy to help you, too, should the need arise.

Call us.  We'll work for you, either directly or through your insurance company, but for you either way.

SERVPRO of Waco...there is only one!

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They are water damage ready.

12/30/2021 (Permalink)

Military style off road vehicle parked next to the SERVPRO of Waco Promaster van. Two water specialty vehicles.

Water handling vehicles.

The one on the right can cross large amounts of water outside.

The one on the left can remove large amounts of water inside.

They "met up" in Woodway, TX, here.  For the record, the SERVPRO of Waco van was parked first.

In water damage situations, both have strong benefits.

It is more likely folks experiencing a water emergency will encounter it in a building.  There are only a dozen or so little parts stopping the water tower from trying to drain right into your home or building.

SERVPRO of Waco are experts at water damage restoration with 21 years of experience right here in the greater Waco and Central Texas area.

Using state of the art equipment and techniques we can help you too.

We can work directly with your insurance company and bill them directly if you wish.  SERVPRO Industries has strong working relationships with virtually all the insurance carriers.

SERVPRO of Waco...there is only one

(254) 756-4300

Fully Insured, Certified & Screened

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

No One is Better Insured or Safer!

SERVPRO of Waco is locally owned and operating right here in Waco, near 84 and Texas Central Parkway.

As a franchise of SERVPRO Industries, the national leader in the restoration business, we enjoy (i.e. required) being heavily insured, training certified and background screened.

SERVPRO has insurance coverages geared to the restoration business and customer protections, as well as ongoing training and background screenings.

It is not some one size fits all general liability insurance like most restoration companies have, if they have insurance at all.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, has been successfully helping folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area through property damage situations for over 20 years.

Let us put our experience and integrity to work for you.

SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one!

(254) 756-4300