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Rainbow Bread door handle sing push on an old fashion screen door.

Now, that's a Screen Door

You can close your eyes and hear that screen door bang shut, can't you?

SERVPRO of Waco encountered, and enjoyed this, on the kitchen door of a fire damage job in Meridian TX.  

Our fire clean up included this door, not far from the fire source on the stove.

We did clean it gingerly!  It is the real McCoy and is pretty old.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company serving the greater Waco and Central Texas area since 2001.

A heavily sooted vanity with clean white spots where items on the vanity had been during the fire

Counter Color Contrast

The counter on this Hewitt, TX fire damage vanity tells the tale of the soot damage.  This hall bath was at the end of the hall (chimney) the smoke and soot traveled up during the fire.

All items in the room were a complete loss.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, managed the content portion of this fire clean up.

SERVPRO of Waco serving the greater Waco and Central Texas area since 2001.

mattress and box spring covered with plastic

Covering the Mattress & Box Spring

Usually during a fire, the mattresses and box springs are covered with bedding, i. e. sheets and blankets.

Once the bedding is removed, the mattresses and box springs are then exposed much more directly to the fire smell and incidental debris from items being moved around.

At SERVPRO of Waco, we cover the mattresses and box springs to help keep the affects of the rest of the area off them, as we did in this Meridian TX fire damage.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, serving the greater Waco and Central Texas area since 2001.

Large, Dark Storm Shelf Cloud on the Horizon

Storm Coming Our Way

Every once in a while, we have to deal with an approaching storm at our job site.

This storm approaching our fire cleaning job in Meridian TX. 

The forecasts were ominous for strong winds and heavy rain. 

We had to decide whether we wanted to deal with the storm at the job site or back in Waco.

With employees involved in the transportation, we decided to leave the job early and deal with the storm back in Waco.

The storm delivered winds and heavy rains as promised but fortunately there was no widespread...or hardly any...damage.

SERVPRO of Waco returned to work on the fire cleaning the next day.

cluster of plastic water pipes with one split in two

Frozen Plastic Water Pipe Break

This water pipe burst open in a sidewall during a freeze.

An incredible amount of water came out of the pipe inside the wall before it was discovered in this meeting hall.

SERVPRO of Waco extracted the water and then dried the water damage.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, has served the greater Waco and Central Texas area since 2001.

Call us at 254-756-4300 if we can help you too.

Larger sections of a drywall ceiling collapsed

Frozen Sprinkler Pipe Damage

Fortunately no one was injured when this ceiling let go from too much water weight and material softening.

The resident in this retirement center was in the next room sleeping.  Many units were affected.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, cleaned up and coordinated bringing in the resources necessary to take care of this large loss and keep everyone safe and comfortable.

SERVPRO of Waco serving the greater Waco and Central Texas area since 2001.

Picture shows an ozone machine on a ladder with an air mover (commercial fan) blowing near it

Deodorization via Ozone Treatment

An ozone machine changes molecules in the air and consequently "pops" bad odors.  Very over simplified explanation of the science of it all.

SERVPRO of Waco restoration company set this ozone machine up in a Whitney, TX apartment to reduce/eliminate overbearing tobacco smells.

Ozone drops once produced, so a ladder is often used to allow an air mover to blow the ozone around the area.

Yes, that is a very old wooden ladder.  The company owner keeps forgetting to buy a ladder with a paint shelf when he buys step ladders.

That is actually the first step ladder he ever owned.  It does make for an interesting looking item on the job site.

Picture shows an old galvanized pipe seriously rusted at the floor level

Old Galvanized Pipe Rusted Beyond Repair

SERVPRO of Waco restoration company was called to a commercial water damage small water leak coming out of the wall in a Waco daycare center.

After moisture testing the area for a source, a small area of wall was opened and more water was released and the stream grew stronger.

This was later in the day, but during daycare operating hours.

We took care of multiple water extractions to keep leak under control while leaving the water to the center turned on until plumbers could arrive.

Turns out, after 60 years or so, the concrete (lime?) had eaten through the galvanized pipe running through the concrete.

Fortunately, the facility had a crawl space and the pipe, which went to a no longer used water fountain was capped off. 

Picture shows debris, dead bugs, etc. all over the kitchen floor

Sometimes the renters leave quite a mess

Unfortunately, the folks in this apartment decided they had to move on rather suddenly and left much behind.

There was quit an odor of serious tobacco smoking inside the unit.

SERVPRO of Waco assisted the owners of this Whitney, TX, apartment.

The unit needed extensive debris removal, top to bottom cleaning/disinfecting, painting and deodorizing, including ozone treatments.  There were also issues related to a pet.

At SERVPRO of Waco we have the expertise and experience to handle a mess.  SERVPRO also has incredible proprietary cleaning and deordorizing products.

McLane Stadium Project

Saving McLane Stadium at Baylor University

Actually, SERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water - Clean Up & Restoration contributed to the opening with water remediation and water restoration jobs at McLane Stadium in the mad rush just prior to the opening day. 

As the British say, we got a bit "cheeky" about standing in front of the windows and acting like tourists getting pictures with the views.

And yet another Baptismal Story.

While a very holy ceremony, churches practicing full immersion baptism are rife with stories, often funny, of incidents related to baptisms.

Some are of kids diving in the water, the water heater not working...the drain separating and causing the waters to flow into the sanctuary and surrounding areas on its way back to the river, just to name a few.

This drain caused a water damage when the water was drained at a church in Glen Rose, TXSERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water - Clean Up & Restoration was able to extract the water and dry things up nicely with minimum disruption.

Broom caught awkwardly in the overhead door rope when door was opened

Always on Top of Our Game

This is actually a very important tool at our Waco warehouse.  It is our "boss lady get the bugs" broom.

It can, however, get left a little to close to the cord for the overhead door.

Yes, everything always goes smooth as a whistle at SERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water - Clean Up & Restoration.

Serving the greater Waco area and all of Central Texas since 2001.

A resemblance of the famous HOLLYWOOD sign

Well, we hit all the hot spots...

Say like... Glen Rose, TX.

This was on our way to a water damage restoration at a church.

Too cool not to take a picture of it.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, servicing the greater Waco area and all of the Central Texas area since 2001.

Clean, shiny, bright green SERVPRO of Waco Promaster van

First Coat of Wax

Here is the SERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water - Clean Up & Restoration Promaster in shock in Woodway, TX, after finally being waxed.  We let the custom paint job bake on real good.  Ten or eleven months is a good bake, right?

It will probably never look better.  

Except, of course, when it shows up at your place when you need some help with a water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold damage restoration or storm damage restoration.

SERVPRO of Waco green van and a line of heavily damaged vehicles which have been repainted the same color blue.

Promaster Vehicle Jump


The SERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water Clean Up & Restoration Promaster successfully jumped several vehicles at the Heart of Texas Fairgrounds.

There was some collateral damage though.

And Blue men may be upset.

Well, that's our story, and we're sticking to it.

We will, however, jump right on your water damage restoration, mold damage restoration, fire damage restoration or storm damage restoration should you find yourself in that situation.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, serving the greater Waco area and all of Central Texas since 2001.

Furniture from a fire damage drying in the sunshine after cleaning

Sunshine on my...furnitures...makes me happy.

If we at SERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water - Clean Up & Restoration can, we like to get freshly cleaned upholstered furniture into the sunshine to dry.  It helps freshen it up while drying.  

This furniture, from a Waco, TX, fire damage had some tobacco smell issues as well.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, serving the greater Waco area and all of Central Texas since 2001.

A wire sided trailer with debris removed from a water pie freeze damaged building

Down the Floor and Out the Door

Sometimes flooring, drywall and other items just have to go.

The carpet and pad here was pulled out by the customer from their water damage restoration in Whitney, TX, and we retrieved it from the back yard.

Normally we at SERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water - Clean Up & Restoration bag up more than is shown here.

Fortunately, our expert tarping kept it all in the trailer.  Yes there is a trick or two successful tarping.  Wish we'd learned that the easy way.

Signs of a Blocked Drain

If you find this in your shower, tub, etc., such as in this one in the Lake Air area of Waco, TX,  it means your drains are plugged somewhere between here and the street/septic system.

Plumber pronto.

SERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water - Clean Up & Restoration for water damage clean up if it overflows significantly.

Oh, and don't run any water of consequence inside the building until you know where the stoppage is located.  No one wants the washing machine or their bath to drain onto the floors.

large bulge holding water under a manufactured home

Manufactured Home Belly Tarp

This, my friends, is what it looks like under a manufactured home that suffered a water damage leak.

These homes have strong tarps under them which will hold water.  Lots of it.  We at SERVPRO of Waco, have seen them stretched clear down on the ground.  With the HVAC vents in the floors, they act like a drain system, but aren't water tight.

They have to be cut open to get the evaporating moisture out of the building and get wet insulation off the floors/joists.

When cut open the water really gushes out of these.

One has to be skilled to cut these open and be out of the way of the water.  Unlike me, who misjudged this one in Whitney, TX, and had the water and that pipe laying there come right at me.  The pipe did hit me, but not hard.

Worst part was getting water down in the rubber boot.  That thing still smells.  Oh, oh, too much information.

Leaking here? You Gotta Be kidding!

Very desirable antique bed, antique rug, antique dressers, even antique china (lots of it)...and it has to leak here in this Waco, TX, water damage.

Just above the left foot board bedpost.

We at SERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water - Clean Up & Restoration find water just seems attracted to small spaces, storage areas and, of course, china cabinets.

The Kitty Cats' Fire

Yes, two rambunctious young kitty automatic toaster....

No kitty cats, or anyone else, were injured in this Hillsboro, TX, fire damage...just a made a big mess.

Customers did a wonderful remodeling job afterwards.  Moved walls and everything.