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First Coat of Wax

First Coat of Wax

Here is the SERVPRO of Waco Promaster in shock in Woodway, TX, after finally being waxed.  We let the custom paint job bake on real good.  Ten or eleven months is a good bake, right?

It will probably never look better.  

Except, of course, when it shows up at your place when you need some help with a water damage, fire damage or storm damage situation.

Promaster Vehicle Jump

Promaster Vehicle Jump


The SERVPRO of Waco Promaster successfully jumped several vehicles at the Heart of Texas Fairgrounds.

There was some collateral damage though.

And Blue men may be upset.

Well, that's our story, and we're sticking to it.

We will, however, jump right on your water damage, mold damage, fire damage or storm damage situation should you find yourself in that situation.

Sunshine on my...furnitures...makes me happy.

Sunshine on my...furnitures...makes me happy.

If we at SERVPRO of Waco can, we like to get freshly cleaned upholstered furniture into the sunshine to dry.  It helps freshen it up while drying.  

This furniture, from a Waco, TX, fire damage had some tobacco smell issues as well.

Down the Floor and Out the Door

Down the Floor and Out the Door

Sometimes flooring, drywall and other items just have to go.

The carpet and pad here was pulled out by the customer from their water damage in Whitney, TX, and we retrieved it from the back yard.

Normally we at SERVPRO of Waco bag up more than is shown here.

Fortunately, our expert tarping kept it all in the trailer.  Yes there is a trick or two successful tarping.  Wish we'd learned that the easy way.

Signs of a Blocked Drain

Signs of a Blocked Drain

If you find this in your shower, tub, etc., such as in this one in the Lake Air area of Waco, TX,  it means your drains are plugged somewhere between here and the street/septic system.

Plumber pronto.

SERVPRO of Waco for water damage clean up if it overflows significantly.

Oh, and don't run any water of consequence inside the building until you know where the stoppage is located.  No one wants the washing machine or their bath to drain onto the floors.

Manufatured Home Tarp

Manufatured Home Tarp

This, my friends, is what it looks like under a manufactured home that suffered a water damage leak.

These homes have strong tarps under them which will hold water.  Lots of it.  We at SERVPRO of Waco, have seen them stretched clear down on the ground.  With the HVAC vents in the floors, they act like a drain system, but aren't water tight.

They have to be cut open to get the evaporating moisture out of the building and get wet insulation off the floors/joists.

When cut open the water really gushes out of these.

One has to be skilled to cut these open and be out of the way of the water.  Unlike me, who misjudged this one in Whitney, TX, and had the water and that pipe laying there come right at me.  The pipe did hit me, but not hard.

Worst part was getting water down in the rubber boot.  That thing still smells.  Oh, oh, too much information.

Leaking here?  You Gotta Be kidding!

Leaking here? You Gotta Be kidding!

Very desirable antique bed, antique rug, antique dressers, even antique china (lots of it)...and it has to leak here in this Waco, TX, water damage.

Just above the left foot board bedpost.

We at SERVPRO of Waco find water just seems attracted to small spaces, storage areas and, of course, china cabinets.

The Kitty Cats' Fire

The Kitty Cats' Fire

Yes, two rambunctious young kitty automatic toaster....

No kitty cats, or anyone else, were injured in this Hillsboro, TX, fire damage...just a made a big mess.

Customers did a wonderful remodeling job afterwards.  Moved walls and everything.