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Vanity Left Wet

6/14/2020 (Permalink)

Darkly stained and damaged interior of a bathroom vanity Vanity not dried after a water damage loss.

Drying a water damage out as quickly as possible does make a difference.

This is a picture of a vanity which suffered water damage and didn't get dried properly. 

Hey, we get it.  Hopefully this is a once in a lifetime experience for folks.  We kid people that you don't want to know a whole lot about what we do.  That would mean you have probably had it happen to you before.

This vanity was kind of a cross between not knowing just what to do and the Covid-19 virus confusion.

The vanity is still drying out, weeks after the loss date, but is heavily damaged and probably unhealthy.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, was able to get the insurance claim unstuck and moving on this Waco water damaged home. 

SERVPRO of Waco has been serving the greater Waco and Central Texas area for over 19 years.

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Smoldering Litter Fire

6/14/2020 (Permalink)

A singed light fixture over a bed of pet litter A hot lamp, in pet litter, equals smoke...lots of it.

The heat lamp drops into the litter at the bottom of the glass cage...and VOILA!...smoke through the whole place.

Fortunately, the pet had been taken out for a trip a little earlier, probably when the lamp was bumped and fell into the litter in this Hewitt, TX fire damage.

While only a little of the litter actually burned, the slow smoldering fire produced a lot of smoke...and smell.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company,  was called in to clean and deodorize the residence.  The folks had some health issues which were worked through in the process.

SERVPRO of Waco.

There is only one! 

Serving the greater Waco and Central Texas area since 2001.

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Let us help you through damages to your place, too.

Mold Assessment

6/14/2020 (Permalink)

The Mold Tester/Assessor works for you!

The Mold Remediation Contractor works for you!

Be sure they stay separate!

Sometimes there is confusion about testing for mold and removing mold. 

Texas also has rules governing the mold testing and removal industries.  These can be found on their websites.

What you always want is for the person/company testing for mold, and making recommendations of how to remove it, to work for you.  It is important they be separate from the company actually removing the mold, etc.

Beware of any mold tester/assessor who recommends only one remediation contractor/company to you.

Also beware if a mold remediation contractor/company recommends only one mold tester/assessor to you.

It is extremely important that these two persons/companies work directly for you and not in cahoots with each other.  

All the old rip off stories are true.

At SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, we are licensed for mold removal and have been helping scores of folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area through mold damage for the past 19 years.

If you call us first, we'll have a look at the situation and provide you with a list of qualified assessors we have encountered over the years.

Then we will remove under the assessor's guidelines.

Let us help you! (254) 756-4300)

Sometimes they just have to cut it open

6/14/2020 (Permalink)

Drywall patch in ceiling of soot dinged drywall In a fire, sometimes they have to cut open the ceiling.

Fire in the attic!

Sometimes a fire gets started in the attic and the access to the attic is far from the fire site.

The only thing the fire department can do is for this is usually to cut a hole through the ceiling near the fire from the room(s) below.

This will give access to treat the fire or to test that it is out.

Good thing to do.

Bad thing for the unaffected building area below the ceiling.  Smoke, ash and debris can and will come out into the area below.

On this Hamilton, TX fire, an opening was cut just above the fireplace to the right side.  It is patched closed in the picture.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, was called in to clean the living areas of the home.

All in all, very lucky homeowners on this one.

SERVPRO of Waco has been helping hundreds of folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area through property damage clean up & restoration for over 19 years.

There is only one SERVPRO of Waco!

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Soot covered factory ceiling

6/14/2020 (Permalink)

Cleaning fire soot from a factory ceiling Factory ceiling soot removal

It's not as easy as it appears.

Cleaning soot off the ceiling of an environment where people need to keep working and access can be awkward is challenging.

Keeping the enterprise running is job one!

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, was called in to clean heavy soot above an area where a trash can fire occurred.  The fire was quickly extinguished, but not before damaging product materials and causing some heavy soot.

Using a lift that could move anywhere a fork lift could travel, be nimble in moving around/above things and capable of quickly moving out of the way if needed for production passage was the key in this Hamilton, TX area firm.

That and removing the soot with out water or any form of blasting substance.

SERVPRO of Waco has been helping businesses in the greater Waco and Central Texas area for over 19 years.

Let us help you!  (254) 756-4300

SERVPRO of Waco, there's only one!

Covering your stuff

6/14/2020 (Permalink)

Heavy plastic over stacks of raw material We've got it covered!

When we say we are going to cover your stuff, we mean it!

If cleaning away soot, dust, etc., in your business (or home) requires being over top elements and products of the trade, we will cover it.

The picture is of raw materials for a factory where, SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, was cleaning soot from the upper structure.

A mix of 6 mil and 4 mil plastic was used to be sure it stayed in place.  Yes, we did use up what we had of one before we used the other.

We were quite successful in cleaning soot from the affected area with no loss of product, materials or production time for this Hamilton, TX firm.

SERVPRO of Waco has been helping folks through property damage problems in the greater Waco and Central Texas area for 19 years.

Let us help you!

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SERVPRO of Waco, there is only one!

Hewitt TX Roots

6/14/2020 (Permalink)

126 Ava Dr. - Hewitt, TX

Our base for several years

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, spent several years operating out of our warehouse on Ava Dr. in Hewitt.

What a great place.  Everything is close by, plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and the folks are friendly.

From our Ava Dr. location in Hewitt, we serviced Hewitt and the greater Waco and Central Texas area, helping folks through damages affecting their homes and buildings.

Many memories over on Ava Dr. - driving our vehicle through water deeper than we ever should have - pushing one of our trucks out of the parking lot and coasting down to the mechanic's parking lot.

Alas, when the buildings were sold several years later, we had to move.  Now we are a mile or two up the road and across the parking lot into Woodway.  Still near Hewitt and frequenting the businesses there.

Since 2001, over 19 years, SERVPRO of Waco has helped scores of folks in Hewitt.

Let us help you. (254) 756-4300

SERVPRO of Waco, there's only one!

Left in place wet Laminate Flooring

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

Flooring planks warped up and broken in places Hall laminate floors not removed or dried after a bathroom sink pipe water damage

Laminate flooring in a significant water leak/over flow situation doesn't fare well.  Even after extracting, water is normally still under the flooring. 

Many laminate floors have a pad or cushion under the floor.  This is referred to as a floating floor.

Yes, I am holding back the pun about the floor, the water and the floating.

The cushion really does just become a sponge under the flooring, often with water trapped above the cushion and below the cushion.

Removal of the flooring is really the only solution for a laminate floor which has been significantly flooded.

The laminate flooring pictured, from a Waco home, was extracted by the homeowners but not removed, or any drying attempt.  The flooring has swelled and also suffered loss of some of the top, decorative layer.

At SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company,  we have decades of experience with wet flooring, including lots of laminate ones.  Occasionally, in a light damage situation with coverage/budget concerns, the floors can be dried with minimal damage.

Call us at (254) 756-4300

Serving the greater Waco and Central Texas since 2001.

Woodway TX Based

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

That's right, SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, is based right here in Woodway, TX.  Our warehouse being just off Texas Central Texas Parkway and 84, makes us close to all of the city.

We are very familiar with the area, its homes & businesses and known by folks who live here.

SERVPRO of Waco has helped scores of folks in Woodway through property damage problems.

We're just over here by the pizza/coffee house and the dog swimming pool.

Our location also gives us quick access to the major highways and roads to travel effectively throughout the greater Waco area and all of Central Texas.

If you need help with any property damage or concerns, such as water damage, storm damage, fire damage or mold (ugh) let us help you too.

Call us at (254) 756-4300

Wet After Tornado

3/4/2020 (Permalink)

wet second story sub floor Water damaged second story sub-flooring after a tornado

This second floor hall has had the carpet and pad removed after suffering water intrusion during a tornado and heavy rain event.

To the left, not shown, is the door out into the attic where the metal roof was blown off the building.

Water damage from a tornado can come in from the roof or other blown open areas and come down trough the building, as was the case in this home.

Opening the closet door to what had come to look like a patio was quite the experience.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, lined up the help needed to secure the roof.  We removed the carpet, etc., to get the home on the path to dried out and repaired.

SERVPRO of Waco has been helping folks in the greater Waco area and through out Central Texas through property damage situations since 2001.

Let us help you.

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