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Air Mover A91 christened in the Baptismal Waters

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

A low profile air mover/fan surrounded by water and building framing New, low style air mover drying up the excess baptistry water on its very first job placement.

One day after arrival at our warehouse and the day it was "named" and listed in our system, air mover A91 was pressed into service to dry the area under a baptistry.  Literally a church baptistry.

This baptistry is a submersion style and holds a lot of water.  Consequently, it takes a while to fill...and things can happen.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, was able to dry out the area under the baptistry and the areas of the sanctuary of this Waco church into which the water also ran pretty quickly.

Baptisms went on unimpeded.

SERVPRO of Waco has helped many churches in the greater Waco and Central Texas area through property damage situations since 2001.

In addition to churches, SERVPRO of Waco has helped thousands of folks over the last 19+ years.

SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one!

If we can help, call us at (254) 756-4300.

Non-Fire Extinguished

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen table and chair covered in white powder except where items were covering areas of the table Kitchen table, chair and floor covered with fire extinguisher powder

That's right.  This is probably better described as a fire extinguisher emptied in a resort apartment building not related to an actual fire.

Hopefully, you've never needed to experience a situation where the fire extinguisher needed to be used.

One thing for sure, the white powder shoots out of it in a real hurry.  And it makes a real mess.  Used for its fire extinguishing purpose, it shoots a mess onto a mess already in progress.  Set off for any other reason, it makes quite the mess on its own.

This use of a fire extinguisher put white powder into two apartments, a stairwell and a long downstairs hall.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, was able to successfully clean up the damage and have the building ready for rental by the next bookings.

We have helped thousands of folks through property damages in the greater Waco and Central Texas area during our nearly 20 years in business.

SERVPRO of Waco...there is only one!

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Ah, yes, there is some mold here.

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

Small kitchen cabinet laying on its back showing mold on the toe kick area bottom Mold under the cabinet

This is the kind of mold that feed one's imagination.  Not because of the species of mold it is, as we don't know the species.

What it does is say that yes, sometimes there is mold you don't see at first.

Actually, the inside bottom of the cabinet was very discolored in the back one-fourth section giving indication there probably was more of it.

There was also minor mold on the wall next to this free standing cabinet.

The cabinet was removed from the home and the area cleaned and remediated.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, has been helping thousands of folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area through mold other property damage situations for the past 19+ years.

We'd be happy to help you as well, should you have a property damage issue.

SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one!

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Digging Out the 55 footer

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

Semi truck trailer with many cleaning tools staged on the ground nearby Well, it's here if we need it!

SERVPRO Disaster Recover Team trailers are loaded with tools and equipment for virtually any large scale damage emergency which may befall a building(s).

Here, cleaning hand tools are unloaded, in an orderly fashion, to get to the supplies and equipment for a large water job in Waco, TX.

Yes, this is the kind of stuff one stores in the center isle and cubby holes toward the rear of the trailer.

Sometimes you absolutely need this stuff, and some times you just need it out of the road to get to what is needed for a particular job.

Either way, it is there when you need it.

SERVPRO of Waco reached out to a SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team.  SERVPRO has several of these teams. 

Within a matter of hours, a virtual warehouse of equipment and many "boots on the ground" to help these folks recover from a water pipe which burst in an area wide freeze.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, has been helping folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area since 2001, nearly 20 years.

We can bring the resources, knowledge and experience to problems you may find yourself dealing with as well.

Call us at (254) 756-4300

SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one!

Staging the Drying Equipment

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

Air movers and other equipment being staged on part of a lawn temporarily Sometimes you have to put it nearby, but out of everyone's way.

After the arrival of a SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team unloading and staging the drying equipment from the 55 foot trailer is underway.  Not all large buildings which have suffered a significant loss, have the space available for a 55 foot semi trailer set up with a crew working from it.  Consequently, side streets, etc., are often used.

Here, the equipment packed into the trailer is being brought from the trailer and staged on parts of the lawn to be worked into the job site as work progresses.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company called in this Disaster Recovery Team to assist in providing the amount of equipment and "boots on the ground" resources needed to deal with the damage, and keep the building operational.

The team was on the site within hours.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, has been bringing the knowledge, experience and resources to help hundreds of folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area recover from losses to their buildings for nearly 20 years.

You can count on us!

(254) 756-4300

SERVPRO of Waco...there is only one.

The Wall that Keeps On Giving

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

Picture of a dust pan full of, and surrounded by, soil at a bathrrom wall Soil removed from bathroom wall

Every so often, after removing trim and, subsequently drilling drying holes, in a very wet wall, we come across an area with sand or something inside the wall cavity.

This one takes the cake.  This picture is from in front of a bathroom vanity.  We kept getting more and more soil out of this wall.

Turns out, after the wall was opened, it was discovered a gopher had tunneled tunneled under the home and had build.  The wall backs up to the bath tub for the hall bath and is a pretty open area.

Just when we think we've seen it all.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, has helped hundreds of folks through damages to their homes and buildings in the greater Waco and Central Texas area for nearly 20 years

You can count on us!

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SERVPRO of Waco...there is only one.

A Makeshift Drain

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

Large trash can with hoses from  dehumidifiers going into it Dehumidifier water discharge hoses draining into a "64 gallon bucket".

The majority of dehumidifiers used in water damage drying work by condensation.  They create cold coils that cause moist air to "sweat" on the coils and then catch the resulting water droplets.  We've all seen condensation on cold drink glasses and cans.

That's a bit over simplified, but the result is a reservoir of water which is pumped out of the machine...usually to a drain.

Often in large building water damages, where the dehumidifiers need placed are not close to a restroom, kitchen, custodian closet, etc.

What to do...what to do?

Often, the solution is to use a heavy duty container designed for trash originally.  

In the photo, you can see two water hoses from two extra large dehumidifiers going up the side of the trash can and into it in this Waco business.

This particular 64 gallon can had about 30 gallons of water in it each day and needed dumped.

Thank goodness it has wheels.

Ideally, all the water would go out and down a drain.  This is an excellent second option.  The water in the containers each day is always surprising to the customers.

Our Trash Containers used for this have never been used for actual trash.

Since 2001, SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, we have successfully helped hundreds of folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area get through damage situations in their homes and buildings.

You can count on us!

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SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one.

A Penetrating Moisture Meter Readng

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

Moisture testing meter with pins stuck into drywall showing a very wet reading Wet drywall right next to the fireplace

Usually, finished and painted drywall walls are tested for wetness with a non-penetrating meter.

These meters send and then receive signals reading moisture in a material.  Non-penetrating meters are quite useful for good reading and no damage getting the reading.

A penetrating meter actually has points/pins the are pushed into the material, as is shown.the pins in the photo are on the floor side on the top of the meter.

A penetrating meter reads a small are showing what is happening right in that area and go in to some depth or another.  

Since drying materials pulls moisture to the drying surface, the non-penetrating meter reads the surface as well as depth all through the drying.

A penetrating meter will show drying progress below the surface as it progresses.  The penetrating meter will help show if a smaller variations of the dampness as well.

The meter pictured is being used in a wall area behind where the trim was removed and therefore is below the normally visual area of the wall.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, has successfully helped hundreds of folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area through damages to their homes and buildings since 2001.

Let us put our knowledge, experience and resources to work for you should the need arise.

You can count on us.

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SERVPRO of Waco...there's only one. 

Holy Moly!

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

Black painted plywood wall with many holes drilled around the screws Now That's Screwed Up

Here's something you don't see everyday and was quite the shock to discover.

These are walls with 5/8" plywood over two layers of drywall. The plywood is screwed onto the drywall and wall screws which for the most part were not just going to unscrew.

To be sure the plywood stayed in place, the original contractors put 48 screws in each sheet.  48 SCREWS!

Removing 14 sheets of plywood with 48 screws in each sheet....

Of course there was a short time window to get things done.

After a time extension, the idea came up to bore holes with a drill attachment at each screw and detach the screws from the plywood, then deal with the drywall and screws separately.

Must say, after hundreds of holes, it actually worked.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, has been helping folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area for over 19 years.

Give us a shot to help you, should the need arise.

SERVPRO of Waco....there's only one.

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Licensed Mold Remediation Contractor - Again

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

License Certificate Our Renewed License

After being properly refreshed via a state required mold refresher course, Roger, the owner, has been renewed as a Mold Remediation Contractor by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Now there's a sentence, eh?

Licensed mold contractors are required to attend a refresher mold class every two years and then renew their license with the state of Texas each two years.

If you find yourself confronting mold issues in your home or building, check contractors for their license to perform the work before you proceed.

At SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, we have been helping folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas area since 2001, 19 years, with mold removal.

If you find yourself dealing with a mold situation, give us a shot at helping.

(254) 756-4300