Commercial Photo Gallery

Picture shows an ozone machine on a ladder with an air mover (commercial fan) blowing near it

Deodorization via Ozone Treatment

An ozone machine changes molecules in the air and consequently "pops" bad odors.  Very over simplified explanation of the science of it all.

SERVPRO of Waco restoration company set this ozone machine up in a Whitney, TX apartment to reduce/eliminate overbearing tobacco smells.

Ozone drops once produced, so a ladder is often used to allow an air mover to blow the ozone around the area.

Yes, that is a very old wooden ladder.  The company owner keeps forgetting to buy a ladder with a paint shelf when he buys step ladders.

That is actually the first step ladder he ever owned.  It does make for an interesting looking item on the job site.

Picture shows an old galvanized pipe seriously rusted at the floor level

Old Galvanized Pipe Rusted Beyond Repair

SERVPRO of Waco restoration company was called to a commercial water damage small water leak coming out of the wall in a Waco daycare center.

After moisture testing the area for a source, a small area of wall was opened and more water was released and the stream grew stronger.

This was later in the day, but during daycare operating hours.

We took care of multiple water extractions to keep leak under control while leaving the water to the center turned on until plumbers could arrive.

Turns out, after 60 years or so, the concrete (lime?) had eaten through the galvanized pipe running through the concrete.

Fortunately, the facility had a crawl space and the pipe, which went to a no longer used water fountain was capped off. 

Picture shows debris, dead bugs, etc. all over the kitchen floor

Sometimes the renters leave quite a mess

Unfortunately, the folks in this apartment decided they had to move on rather suddenly and left much behind.

There was quit an odor of serious tobacco smoking inside the unit.

SERVPRO of Waco assisted the owners of this Whitney, TX, apartment.

The unit needed extensive debris removal, top to bottom cleaning/disinfecting, painting and deodorizing, including ozone treatments.  There were also issues related to a pet.

At SERVPRO of Waco we have the expertise and experience to handle a mess.  SERVPRO also has incredible proprietary cleaning and deordorizing products.

McLane Stadium Project

Saving McLane Stadium at Baylor University

Actually, SERVPRO of Waco Fire & Water - Clean Up & Restoration contributed to the opening with water remediation and water restoration jobs at McLane Stadium in the mad rush just prior to the opening day. 

As the British say, we got a bit "cheeky" about standing in front of the windows and acting like tourists getting pictures with the views.