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Refreshed Mold

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

Course Completion Certificate Officially Refreshed!

Oh...make that... we've completed the fresher course required for renewing our State of Texas Mold Remediation Contractor license.

Every two years mold licenses must renewed.  The refresher course, by a state approved instructor, is required for the renewal. Yes, it is a bunch of rigmarole to go through.

It does, however, be sure that those in the businesses associated with mold problems are being exposed to up to date information and guidelines.  This is a protection for the customers needing these services.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, has been remediating mold for over 19 years.

We have very successfully assisted scores of folks in the greater Waco and Central Texas areas 

If you have mold issues let us help with solutions.

Go with experience

(254) 756-4300

Hewitt TX Roots

6/14/2020 (Permalink)

126 Ava Dr. - Hewitt, TX

Our base for several years

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, spent several years operating out of our warehouse on Ava Dr. in Hewitt.

What a great place.  Everything is close by, plenty of places to grab a bite to eat and the folks are friendly.

From our Ava Dr. location in Hewitt, we serviced Hewitt and the greater Waco and Central Texas area, helping folks through damages affecting their homes and buildings.

Many memories over on Ava Dr. - driving our vehicle through water deeper than we ever should have - pushing one of our trucks out of the parking lot and coasting down to the mechanic's parking lot.

Alas, when the buildings were sold several years later, we had to move.  Now we are a mile or two up the road and across the parking lot into Woodway.  Still near Hewitt and frequenting the businesses there.

Since 2001, over 19 years, SERVPRO of Waco has helped scores of folks in Hewitt.

Let us help you. (254) 756-4300

SERVPRO of Waco, there's only one!

Woodway TX Based

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

That's right, SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, is based right here in Woodway, TX.  Our warehouse being just off Texas Central Texas Parkway and 84, makes us close to all of the city.

We are very familiar with the area, its homes & businesses and known by folks who live here.

SERVPRO of Waco has helped scores of folks in Woodway through property damage problems.

We're just over here by the pizza/coffee house and the dog swimming pool.

Our location also gives us quick access to the major highways and roads to travel effectively throughout the greater Waco area and all of Central Texas.

If you need help with any property damage or concerns, such as water damage, storm damage, fire damage or mold (ugh) let us help you too.

Call us at (254) 756-4300

Proprietary Cleaners and Treatment Agents

9/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO products on warehouse shelves Super Duper Cleaners and Agents

We make it ourselves

SERVPRO of Waco has access to cleaning agents formulated and mixed by SERVPRO Industries for its franchises use.

This is some great stuff and is not available from any other resource.

Some disinfectants requiring extensive, expensive government registration is supplied by a national third party product companies, but the vast majority of our products are produced by us.

You can rest assured the quality of the SERVPRO products is high and perfectly matched up to the type work we do here at SERVPRO of Waco.

Our products guarantees are backed up by our national franchising company.

The products shown are a small representation of the different products available.  These are the ones used most by SERVPRO of Waco.  We order the more specialty things as needed and receive them quickly.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, has been serving the greater Waco area and all of Central Texas since 2001.

Call us today at 254-756-4300.

Texas Mold License Certificate

9/20/2019 (Permalink)

Texas mold remediation contractor license Yes, we are a licensed mold remediation contractor!

In 2001, SERVPRO of Waco was trained and became a mold remediation contractor and helped hundreds of homeowners and business owners navigate through mold issues.

Yes, we are one of the honest ones from way back.

One of the things we see most in mold situations is panic.  While the presence of mold is some cause for concern, mold also has an affect of imaginations.  Fear that there is more than one can see.

Keeping calm and seeking information is the best first step.

One thing to keep in mind, if one has mold, or thinks there is mold, the first question is where is there water where water shouldn't be.  

Mold is the result of water/moisture being where it shouldn't be.

Mold remediation in Texas does require a state issued license.  Our mold remediation contractor license is attached below.

If you are concerned about potential mold problems please give us a call.

SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company serving the Greater Waco area and all of Central Texas since 2001.

Wall Moisture Meter Reading

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

rectangular black plastic looking box meter testing a drywall wall which reads high for moisture content. One Wet Wall.

At SERVPRO of Waco, a restoration company, we use a variety of tools and instruments to locate the moisture in a building and to monitor progress when we are drying it. 

One we use heavily is the "wall meter", moisture encounter, which sends out and receives back a signal gauging moisture content in materials.  I must admit, after this point I am out of my element to tell you how it works.

The reading on the drywall wall pictured shows the gauge meter to be buried past the scale face.  This is a very damp wall which needs dried out.

The 1" hole was drilled into through the drywall into the wall cavity.  This allows air from the drying equipment to get into and up the back side of the wall cavity as well as on the front side.

This particular wall was in a water extraction water damage near Hamilton TX.

The wall was successfully dried out and the replacement trim will cover the 1" hole.  One can see the trim line just below the meter.

It will be "Like it never even happened".

SERVPRO of Waco has serviced the greater Waco area and Central Texas area for over 18 years.

The Pump House

9/16/2019 (Permalink)

picture of an older, weathered small structure in a filed. So...this is where the water shut off is!

Sometimes we at SERVPRO of Waco restoration company need to turn off the water, or occasionally turn on the water in water damage and water extraction jobs. 

And sometimes we need to find it in a hurry, as in this case.  On this ranch in the Hamilton, TX area we couldn't find the cut off near the house.  Couldn't find it anywhere around the front gate and road frontage near the front gate, after driving down to it.  Our contact didn't know where it was and couldn't get a hold of those who knew immediately.

Turns out there was a pump house out through the thistles and we had to get out there to shorts.  It was kind of cool it was in a pump house.

SERVPRO of Waco does service the greater Waco area and all of Central Texas, going the extra mile, i.e. in short through the thistles, to help our friends and customers. 

No, that is not modern art.

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

Picture shows a bath tub with a tree like pattern left after water from the drain backing up subsided Interesting Pattern - Disgusting Substance

While the pattern left in this bath tub does have a slightly artist look, it is actually left from a the drainage of a water back up.

This Central Texas home suffered a back up of water through the drain lines running out of the building.

Unfortunately, this was sewage water damage, also called black water or category 3 water.

We at SERVPRO of Waco restoration company removed affected water absorbing materials from the home, disinfected remaining solid materials and concrete floors, after removing carpeting, etc. 

We then air scrubbed the inside air via HEPA filters and got humidity levels to normal ranges.

  Also we cleaned up and disinfected the bath tubs in the home.  Yuck!

They home owners were extremely appreciative for the cleaned and disinfected bathroom fixtures.

We See the Darnest Things.

6/10/2019 (Permalink)

oversized old fashioned stroller in front of brick building It is great...whatever it is.

A Baby Buggy??

One thing about working around the Baylor University arts buildings is you see some of the most interesting things.

This just appeared one afternoon near our vans, seemingly right out of the blue.

Wasn't there in the morning.  Was there in the afternoon.

It certainly is interesting.  Appears to be a real camper, be it very small, welded onto a rail yard type metal cart.

That and the opera annex were pretty classy things for for a bunch of restoration folks.  We certainly did appreciate it though.  That little corner of the Baylor University campus has art objects around in the grassy areas and numerous steeples to view.

Fortunately, the work which needed our help was on the smaller side, though the shiny surface left when we were finished was sort of "artsy".

Texas Mold License

7/13/2018 (Permalink)

Texas mold remediation contractor license. Texas Mold Remediation Contractor License

18 Years experience in mold remediation.

Since 2001, SERVPRO of Waco restoration company has been helping folks in the greater Waco area area resolve mold issues.

Yes, are one of the honest ones.

One of the keys to a mold concerns is to not panic.  While the presence of some mold is a cause for concern, mold also has an affect on imaginations.  Fear that there may be far more than one can see.

There is rarely any need to flee your home/business, screaming down the street about mold.

Professional removal of mold does require a license from the state of Texas.  Our's is pictured above.

On the other hand, approaching the situation calmly and logically will help one to not get "hyped" by profiteers playing on people's fears.

Give us a call about your mold concerns.

There is only one SERVPRO of Waco!


SINCE 2001 - 19 Years

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

Picture of our warehouse front with our sign and three production vehicles Our Warehouse

SERVPRO of Waco...there is only one!

Serving Waco and Central Texas since 2001, SERVPRO of Waco restoration company is one of the oldest and most experienced restoration companies around.

Hundreds of folks and companies have trusted us with to help get things under control quickly and back to normal in home and building damage situations.

Fortunately, and through hard work, our customers have been very pleased with our services all along.

While the building needs work and attention, we realize most importantly, you need your life/lively back in order quickly, even ahead of finishing the building.

Restoring functionality is our first priority.

If you find yourself in a damaged building situation, please give us a call.  We have strong relationships with the insurance companies, while still working for you as our customer.